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Happy Monday my friends! I hope your weekend was grand. Mine sure was and i'll post some photos to show. My niece Ellie was here for a majority of the weekend. We watched the polo match Friday night, went for a bike ride, played on the swings in the park, did lots of art projects, made some food, watched movies and much more! Phew. I'm so glad i have energy to keep up with her! I just haven't had a moment to get the photos off of the camera.

In the meantime, last night Christopher and i were watching old episodes of Modern Family, {god i love that show} and one we watched was about facing fears. It got me to thinking.

What really are my fears?

I definitely have a fear of never getting matched and when i do, not being the best parent i can be. But then, i realize i am being silly. I do have a fear of heights, although i can ride a ski lift, and hike to the highest cliff. ( i just don't look down). I have a fear of bats, of not finishing a race that i run and the #1 fear i have is death. I am afraid to die and i'm afraid of my loved ones dying.

| source: James Joyce |

So, fill in the blank, what are your fears? How do you face them? How have you faced them in the past? Are you still afraid?


Amber said...

I have many, many fears. I, like you share the fear of never being matched. I know when the day comes, I will protect my heart for fear of my baby being taken back or the match failing.

On a much "simpler" note, I have a fear of driving over bridges. Lately, I have tried to take routes that will force me to drive over them. It is a creepy feeling to me when driving over them.

Good question, thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

This is a great question that I do my best to keep in check. I have fears that range from minimal, to large - something like..should i start my own business? Will I succeed? It is a huge fear I have.

On a smaller note, I loathe spiders and squeal like crazy when I see them!

Cristina said...

I fear bats as well! I biggest fear is never being a mommy.

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