[ weekend tidbits, in words ]


So i left without the camera this weekend. Boo! But, in my defense, it was a wacky and wild weekend at the Saratoga Racetrack. My friend's fiance planned her 30th birthday there and we had so much fun! We lost {big time} but had fun betting. I have no idea what i am doing when betting, i just pick the names i like. =)

Then, knowing Christopher is away all week in NYC, we wanted to have a date night. So we tried a new spot, which is now my new favorite! Chianti. One word, just like the name. Amazing. I can't figure out why i haven't been before! We had a great evening, then Sunday stopped at the farmer's market for a few groceries and i had to drop Christopher off at the train before heading to meet with a new client.

However, a couple of quick photos. The new Fresh Market is slated to open in mid-August near me. I can't tell you how excited i am! Yes, i truly enjoy going to the market each week. It is like a project and i enjoy it!

Do you shop at one?
What are the must-haves and the must avoids? Although, from the looks of it, i don't think i'll avoid much! He he he...

Also, i spotted a stroller in a store and got talking to the mom driving it. The Maxi Cosi. I loved the looks of it, the features are great from what i read so far, and she was raving about it! Plus, the price is nice.

Does anyone have it?
Any feedback would be great!

I hope you are enjoying your Monday so far!


The Wilson's said...

we love fresh market and shop there all the time. it's great for picking up dinner on the way home!

Carrie said...

I love going to the Farmers Market, we have a nice one close to home. It's been so hot lately that if we want to go, we have to get up pretty early on Sunday mornings...I can't wait for the fall!

bklyn76 said...

i don't have the maxi cosi, but a lot of women on a mommy board i'm part of do and love it. i also like the uppa baby vista and hope to get it if we ever have another babe.

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