[ tidbits from the weekend ]


This past weekend was my nephew Charlie's first birthday. I swear, he is such a little man. If the wind wasn't blowing his fluffy hair around, you would totally see his comb over. He is tall, and just a solid boy. He feels like a boulder!

Anyway, i wanted to share some photos from his Mickey Mouse (OMG he loves the Mick) party.

He was not holding back getting in the pool. Has no fear of the water! It was like 90 on Saturday anyway, it's no wonder he wanted in asap!

Christopher and I. Yes, his sister made him wear the ears. Funny though, he kept them on pretty much all day. He rocked the ears!

Trying to decide if he liked the cake or not.

Time to wash off. He was NOT happy about it. He really did enjoy the cake afterall.

A fun project i'm working on that took up most of Sunday! Details to follow.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


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SO cute!!

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