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This weekend, we had a wonderful time with our nephew Charlie at his birthday party. It really got us that much more excited about becoming parents. We are hell bent on just trying to not focus on the wait, but just making sure we are as ready as ready can be!

Something i have always wanted to do is remodel our bathroom closet. It is small. The bathroom is small. Christopher and i bump booties if we bent over together in there. It is that small. But, for those that have adopted know especially the financial impact. So, i heard about this contest that California Closets is having! I entered us for a make-over on our bathroom closet. That is all i want. Nothing big, not a ton of work, just a small, skinny closet that is lacking space.

Pretty pathetic, huh?

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bklyn76 said...

done and done! hope you win!

Rebecca said...

Thanks lady!! I appreciate it. =)

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