[ Happy Monday ]


Yeah, yeah... i know it is Tuesday. However, i need to command+Z yesterday and start all over again! From the very organized point in the morning that i started the day, things went all downhill from there. No biggie, all better today, but i will just pretend that today is the beginning of the week so i can get a good running start!

Like a spaz on legs that i am, we had a super fun weekend, but i forgot my camera. I have some iPhone photos, but not like i want to show, so i have to pass on the weekend tidbits today.

However, i will share that late on Friday i visited my friend Julie. A positive life coach who also reads my charts and gets me back on track when i feel "off".

She told me that over the next 6 weeks my life will start to open up. She didn't say if it was baby related or not, but i didn't ask either. Which is fine. I mean if she says it, it will come true, huh? Not so much. She just gets feelings around me and this was strictly reading my charts. She was able to tell how "off" i had been the past few weeks the minute i walked in the door.

One thing she told Christopher and i to do is when we start getting angry, stressed or frustrated to take that energy and refocus it on making a list of what we want in our nanny. A potential schedule with her and things we are looking forward to doing with the baby. Seems easy right? We are going to try it. Sometimes, it takes such a simple thought and a strong voice to bring me back. I told her i would call her whenever i need a "Julie Injection".


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