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A couple of weekends ago, my husband and I were spring cleaning and we found a box of boxes. Yes, a box of boxes. They were leftovers from our wedding 3.5 years ago and we had just stored them away when we bought our house. I kept thinking to myself..”what can I do with 8 of the very same boxes?” BINGO! I had a thought. I will design the same box, but use it in 2 ways! The first I created a monogrammed stage for some peonies that I had. The second, I painted and made a place to collect the piles of mail we get and usually just toss onto our table under the stairs.

Easy peasy and you can pick just about anything from a flea market or thrift store and do it yourself!

Step 1:
I used the boxes from our wedding, but you could use any box that you can get your hands on. I would check flea markets, thrift stores or even your local Salvation Army for various sizes and colors.

Lay your text or monogram out in Word or another layout program. I use Illustrator as a designer and that happens to be my favorite.

Step 2:
Print out your text on heavy weight stock. Ideally, cover weight vellum is best, but it is hard to find in just a few sheets, so using the thickest paper your printer can handle is best. I printed both words out on the same piece of paper.

Step 3:
Using an X-Acto blade and ruler, trim around each letter. You will find with letters such as ‘A’ and ‘R’, you will have the inner piece of the letter that will fall out. Save it, you will need it to stencil.
After you trim around the edges, you can use a small piece of double stick tape or Zots if you have them to stick the inner part of the letters back down.

Step 4:
Use Zots or double stick tape to hold your stencil down on your box or whatever you wish to paint. After choosing your paint color, start dabbing lightly with a cloth onto the stencil. If you use card stock, the paint can make the paper wet, therefore easy to tear. If you lightly dab, you will have better results. The best part is, if you dab, it tends to be uneven giving the box a bit of an aged look, which is what I was after with mine. Keep applying lightly until you are happy with the opacity of the paint.

Step 5:
Let dry before pulling the stencil off.

Step 6:

The other box I made one from the same leftover collection, but I decided to give this one a white wash by mixing some water with the paint color and just wiping it on with a cloth. So, the steps are the same as above, except that if you choose to paint a base coat first, just be sure it is dry completely before using your stencil. I love that the word ‘Mail’ is barely there on this one. I picked a paint color that we had laying around that was almost the same color as the base paint. It is so subtle, and just what I was after. Of course, depending upon what you are using it for, you may want your colors to totally pop and contrast.

Go ahead, decorate and have fun!

Have a great day all! Today i'm taking photos of the {95%} finished nursery that will be revealed shortly!


Wendy said...

What a great idea! Both of the boxes look so nice. I could use a "mail" box, too. I don't like the holder we keep them in. It's not very creative looking! Love the Matisse book under the box, too -- he's one of my favorites! I get to teach my 1st graders about him every year, and they LOVE it!

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