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I will be celebrating Mother's Day. No, i don't know anything yet, but i can just feel it. I've had my moments, but all in all am very content and happy with our wait so far. I've stayed sane and my husband has been my rock. He told me yesterday that he has enjoyed our "detour" in life with me. It brought tears to my eyes and made me realize how very blessed i am to have him. I saw him yesterday with our nephew Charlie and he was just in heaven holding him, letting him dunk pizza crust in sauce and make a total mess of his new shirt. It was awesome to sit back and witness.

Yesterday in church, there were so many children. I looked around at the fidgety little ones, the quiet ones trying to pay attention and the mom's to be. I took a deep breathe, smiled out loud and just knew deep down that i will be in their shoes next year. My mother even sent a "Soon to be Mommy" mother's day card to me.

We were so lucky to visit both my mother and my mother-in-law on such a special day!

Here is my mother with me on my wedding day over 3 years ago.

For now, I am mother to my 4 legged furry friends who have seemed to take a liking to warming up the nursery. I took this with my cell phone last week getting ready to photograph the nursery. I felt so bad moving them.

I hope all the mom's out there, whether to 2 or 4 legged kiddles had the most fabulous day ever!
Enjoy your Monday.


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