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Lately, Christopher and i have been talking more and more about our long term and short term plans. When we bought this house, we knew we wouldn't be here long, that it wasn't our forever home.

So, in thinking about the adoption, possible placement timeline and the time we have already been here {which isn't that long} - we decided that another 3 years here is a good goal. It will give us time to finish up the projects to make our house that much more appealing to sell, and allow us to add more equity. Plus, {fingers crossed} the market will be back on an upswing!

We have decided we are going to look into a converting a brownstone in a pedestrian friendly city and hopefully invest in a lake house too. We are pretty much over yard work, clearing snow and spending our weekends in the dirt. We are so excited to have a family, that the last thing we want to do is pull weeds!

We both have fairly simple styles, that tend towards the minimalist and transitional side. Yesterday, as i was on the hunt for something online, i came across Laura Britt Design without even looking for a design site. It was a perfect find! Just the site for future inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite photos!

I LOVE the pop of green on this wall. So fun and refreshing!

We realized how little we really watch TV, so a small area like this one would be perfect for us. Do you know that we haven't had cable in about 2 years? Best. decision. ever.

I"m looking forward to collecting more inspiration along the way and hopefully sharing our projects.

Enjoy your day!


Emily said...

So glad I found your blog!! :)

The Gimlet Eye said...

I am so glad to have discovered your blog...I love that your inspiration photos are different from the rest. Best of luck in your adoption process...I look forward to following your progress!

Rebecca said...

Thanks ladies!

@gimlet - i feel the same way too, which is why you don't actually see too many inspirations here unless they are different!

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