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First off, i wanted to send a very special thank you to all who ordered the holiday cards yesterday during the cyber Monday sale. I totally appreciate your business!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and i hope you all did too. While we were having dessert at my in-laws, i got flipping through an old issue of Country Living and found this photo:

I just love the soft, white fireplace. Ours looks pretty similar, minus the soft, white fireplace! We have been thinking about giving ours a facelift. We want to paint or whitewash our bricks. Part of me is afraid to do so. What if i don't like it? I won't be able to get it off. I just don't love how dark the red of our bricks are. We also have an accent wall of red, which we are going to repaint to the caramel color on the other walls.
Here is a photo from our first Christmas in the house:

Has anyone ever attempted this or have any tips? Helpful websites to visit to find more information?
Thanks and have a terrific Tuesday!


NIKKISS08 said...

Check out Young House Love's tutorial on painting brick. We go back and forth with it, but our brick fireplace is staying put for now. I think a soft white would look fab with the caramel colored walls!

Sarah said...

Oooh, love that pic!! This could be exciting...I think it could take guts to make the leap, but the risk could be totally worth it. Also check out the "A Country Farmhouse" blog...they just painted their brick fireplace white too. Glad you had a great holiday:) And way to kick butt on the holiday cards!!

Rebecca said...

thanks girls! I am going to check these out.

nikinikinine said...

Young house love has a tutorial on this. GL!

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Ok, my house is painted these EXACT colors! Seriously! And I was JUST telling my husband that I wanted to repaint the red walls to match the rest!

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