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This is long overdue, but my good friend Niki awarded me last week and shame on me, i haven't thanked her yet! So thanks girl, this is fabulous!

The rules of the award are:
Accept and thank the blogger that gave you this award
List 10 things about yourself
List 5 additional things you don't like
Award this to 10 fellow bloggers

So here goes!
10 Things About Myself
I love to iron! I iron everything, including my jeans. Christopher just laughs. He doesn't get it.
I love flowers, plants and greenery, but can't keep them alive to save my life.
My favorite cocktail is a martini, straight up with a twist - however, i can't drink them like i used to be able to.
I am one of 3 girls. The middle child. My sisters look like twins and i look like the milkman's baby.
I can't go to bed until the kitchen is clean and dishes are done. I get stressed waking up to that mess in the morning.
I always had a hamster growing up. In fact, they don't really have long life spans and my Critter lasted 5 years. I had a leash for him too. He was great.
I love gossip shows, gossip magazines and yes, i read them in line at the market. I won't buy that crap.
I am addicted to spinning.
I could shop for a living!
I am 6' tall and i want to shave like 2" off just so i can wear heals more often and not tower over Christopher.

Five things i dislike
Passive aggressive behavior, especially from "friends".
Reading- the above gossip magazines are about as much as i do. I just don't have the attention span, although i'm trying to improve that.
Being cold. Hate, hate, hate it. I would rather sweat.

Some favorite blogs to pass the award onto
Brooklyn Limestone - my daily piece of decorating inspiration and really makes me want to remodel and entire brownstone.
Urban Nest - Juliet is just so sweet and is always posting beautiful things.
Raenovate - I just adore all of the 'before' and 'after' photos Rachel posts.
Aubrey & Lindsey - I am enjoying following her pregnancy and nursery design.
Pewter & Sage - Sarah is one of my blogging "besties" and oddly, we share so much in common! I will never forget your email Sarah, thanks.
Emersonmade- How can you not love those flowers and following the mouse?
Wendy & Steve - For keeping my focused on the goal of having our baby one day and reminding me of why we are going through this journey every day. Thanks Wendy!
My Heart Cries - Another daily reminder of our journey.
Makeunder My Life - For always supporting me, my business and design. I'll never forget the random phone call from Chicago!
Hoity Toity Baby - For being such a big supporter! Thanks Nicole.

Have a great day friends!


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