[ friday finds: William Dohman ]


I am the first to admit, it takes me forever at times to find just the right item. Whether it be clothing, shoes, a bracelet or home accessories.

I have been looking for goodies to accessorize the nursery. We purchased some ledges for books that will run up and down the wall so the book fronts face out. I like this idea over a traditional shelf. Anyway, one of the ledges will be further up the wall and i have been looking for some great items to add that are kid appropriate but will grow with them.

BINGO! I found it yesterday and i'm so excited. Did you know that Etsy is just so cool? Of course you do. You can find anything there. These amazing wood script signs. I have already contacted the seller to have one made that says "read" for the top ledge. However, i think i might have him leave it unfinished so i can paint it bright yellow. We have added some bright yellow into the color scheme and i'm loving it. It was actually Christopher's idea and i love that he brought it up!

Anyway, look at how fun these signs are:

| source: William Dohman |

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday! Happy shopping.


Mrs. Limestone said...

I saw that hello sign the other day and I just love it. It would look great over a telephone table :) Not sure if those even exist anymore but still.

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