[ don't drink and shop ]


It happened last weekend in Cooperstown and it happened this weekend in our home, at the computer! We went out to eat and after my adorable husband so sneakingly found a baby carrier on Kate Spade's website on Friday, suggested that we purchase it with the Friends and Family code we had.

So, too many of these:

Led the the purchase of this:

The funniest part of all, when he suggested it, he was quite sober. In fact, we even scurried into Babies-R-Us on our way to dinner to try some others on and see patterns to be certain this is the one we wanted. Yes, we barged right in front of another couple, (who clearly thought we were crazy) and yanked the carriers off the models and started hanging them on ourselves. We always get looks in baby stores. Always. We clearly aren't expecting the way most couples are that are in there. We usually chuckle as we leave the store too making up stories about what people might have said about "the random couple trying on the carrier."

So, by the time we got home from dinner, that is when the shopping began. And... don't think i didn't want it boxed and gift wrapped either. ;-)

Have a most wonderful week!


Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

So funny! That's a very cute carrier - I didn't know Kate Spade even made them!

I just bought a mei tai carrier on Etsy...It seems like it's really comfortable to wear. Plus I really liked the pattern, too!

Rebecca said...

Wendy! Yours is super cute! I love it and i'm sure i'll end up with one more. Honestly, my husband saw me Twitter about the 30% off code and HE found it. I had no idea there was one either. Go figure.

Nicole said...

Super cute! You are going to be one stylish mama!

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