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I hope everyone had a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day! And if you have this week off (lucky ducks) please enjoy!

Christopher got a new job last week. It is a lateral move financially, but he will 100% be doing what he loves and that is most important! Part of him leaving the current job is to use some FSA money. Oh god... do i really have to try and figure out how to spend $1,500.00 on less than appealing stuff? I mean, how much toothpaste, medical supplies, vitamins, etc does one really need? Until...... it hit me! Accessory shopping! Eyeglasses! I need new ones, OK want new ones. With the hair growing out process, I just don't love my current eyeglasses. They were cute with my super short hair, but not so much anymore. So i had in my mind what i wanted and i stopped into my favorite eye doctor. The girls were happy to help me spend my money and i left like i had retail therapy, without spending any money!

So i ordered these blonde colored Ray Ban's:

And... because i just couldn't make up my mind and i had the money to spend, i also bought these Brooks Brothers:

So then, as i was sitting there while my order was being written and my head measured, i thought..."i think i have some extra money to spend." So i did.

I got these Michael Kors prescription sunglasses!

I have never had prescription sunglasses, although i have always wanted them, so i'm rather excited to get these beauties. They are an amazing shade of blue/green too. I figured I might as well select something totally different than my everyday sunglasses.

I really enjoy wearing my glasses. I love them as an accessory and they also give my eyes a rest from contacts. So in a couple of weeks when i receive them, i'll have to post photos!


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