[ i had a vision ]


I see a chilly, chilly morning. I see hats and mittens and scarves. I see our Jeep loaded up and ready to go. I see Christopher loading a little boy into the backseat with chubby red cheeks. The vision is so clear to me. I look up as i load food into the car and Christopher smiles at me. We have our family finally. We are headed home to visit family and friends for the holidays. I can't explain why or how the very same vision comes to me, but it does. The past few days. Could it be next year is the year we hang the baby stocking? Could it be that we have moved away and are traveling home?

I keep going back to my friend who is a psychic medium. Last i saw her she told me this.

I guess we can only wonder and wait patiently as we have been, but something seems so very close and real right now. I can't explain why or how, I have never had such a vivid image in my head. For now, that image makes me smile and keeps me going.


Hoity Toity Baby said...

I hope you keep invisioning your life this way. Because eventually it will become reality!

bklyn76 said...

i've heard so much about *throwing your vision out into the universe* so maybe this is why you keep seeing this? i really hope your vision is realized soon! xo

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