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because of how much i love reading Ralph Marston on a daily basis i want to share. Based on the vision i shared yesterday and some fabulous news i'll have to share soon, this is simply perfect for today and each day!

You can get from here to there. In fact, you've already begun the journey.
You can live the life you envision. So fill that vision with sound and color, with texture and rich detail.

Right now, as the result of what you are doing, you are going somewhere. Choose to make it somewhere you truly want to be.

The fulfillment of your dreams may seem to be a long way off. And yet, even in this very moment you can feel the joy of living those dreams.

Get busy and get on your way, for the path stretches out in front of you. Keep yourself inspired and in motion with your vivid imagination of how it will feel to arrive.

You know you can get from here to there, and you know how truly fulfilling it will be. Already, you're making great progress.


Stephanie said...

Love that! And I can't wait to hear your good news!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this. Very inspiring, thank you!

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