{ race results }


Thanks for all the well wishes both offline and on!
The race was so much fun and totally addicting, even though it was absolutely freezing out!

I am so busy trying to play catch-up, that you can read the full story here. I can't wait to find the next race!

Have a magnificent Monday all!


bklyn76 said...

congrats! how is it that you look so good after a race? you are my inspiration to work out today.

i've only been to flatbush farm once but loved it! your post makes me long for brooklyn...

Rebecca said...

thanks bklyn! You are sweet. I think i just got lucky with that photo. I was one hot mess after that race. Luckily, i had brought a change of clothes before brunch.

Flatbush Farm was sooo delish. I could eat there everyday!

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