This week's find comes from Flytrap Designs.

I am a huge screenprint fan. (in fact, i am working on a project now that i can't wait to share).

Anyway, i stumbled upon this site and there are some really cool items for sale! My favorite being the napkins, because i have a clear obsession with fabric napkins. I should really dedicate a post just about how many i own.

Enjoy and happy shopping.

{ source: Flytrap Designs }

Have an excellent weekend. I'm off to NYC to run a 10k this weekend! Wish me luck.


Sarah said...

GOOD LUCK! I will be doing nothing close to running this weekend, mostly just eating:)

Wendy said...

I love the tshirt and the design of the bird on the napkins. How pretty!

Let us know how the 10K goes -- good luck!

The818 said...

Good luck with the run! I love these pieces!

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