I can't believe it is Friday already! The week flew by, and officially one week into our wait. It was pretty simple i must say. I didn't obsess over my phone ringing, i didn't consume myself with checking a special email account. I just hope the weeks to follow are this smooth. I think knowing how busy i am is a good thing and totally distracting.

Anyway, i just came across this website and had to share. As a designer myself, i appreciate great typography and clean, modern design. What a great way to announce your baby's arrival!


{ source: Trendy Peas }

I then saw these animals images and nearly fell over as they reminded me of my own animal project i am working on.

Have a great weekend!


Karen said...

oooh, so cute!

Patricia (Trendy Peas) said...

Hi Rebecca.
Thank you so much for featuring my prints on your blog. We at Trendy Peas love to hear what people are saying about us. Kind regards. Patricia

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Too cute! Your animal project is really cute too! What kind of computer do you use and what program? I'm looking into a new computer!

Sarah said...

Love them -- so adorable!

I gave you an award -- go to my blog to see it:

- MrsB2007

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