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So we haven't gotten word that we are officially in the wait (yet). I feel like we are, because everything on our end is done. We just have to get the green light. It is interesting, how that door closed to get ready for the wait, and yesterday i got a letter from our fertility clinic that they want us to settle our balance with them. I knew this day would come, but i guess someone was looking out and waited until we were done with one thing to start the next. The reason being, is because we will have to go to court to settle it. It really stinks, but i am confident in our attorney, and the fact that we had a contract with our RE and the clinic. (The past story is here). So i'm ready to fight the fight with them, i just wish we didn't have to. And people wonder why we are in a healthcare crisis!

So i wanted to share some quick words of wisdom with you.

A Positive Start

Start each day the way you wish to live it.

Take positive control of your thoughts, your actions, your feelings and your attitude before some random

occurrence ends up imposing its perspective on you.

Be open to the surprises while also being decisive and focused about what you intend to do. Get a few nice accomplishments under your belt early on, and set an effective, empowering pace for the whole day.

Right away, find some new thing for which to be thankful.

Your sincere gratitude will shine its light on the best of the day's possibilities.

When you feel a worry coming, move quickly to transform it into creative action. If it seems that you're beginning to be overwhelmed, focus intently on whatever is most important to you.

While the day is young, decide on some new way that you can make a meaningful difference for others.

Then start taking the steps that will make it happen.

Give yourself some real power and effectiveness by beginning each day in a joyfully decisive and lovingly purposeful way. And life grows richer with each passing hour.

-- Ralph Marston { Great Day }

Enjoy your day!


Just Jenn said...

Good luck on your wait! I have not read your whole blog, I just found you today, but have you gotten your home study back yet? We got done with our part, and have been waiting for 3 months now. We are also waiting for our home study to be done! long story. You can read it in my blog. Again, I hope you have a stress-free wait! :) -Jenn

Anonymous said...

Not to think on the negative - but are you going after them for your attorney fees...I'm sure that can add up fast!

I'm so sorry that a painful experience is having trouble ending for you. But it will soon and you can finally enjoy your own little one!!!!

Wishing you the best!

Rebecca said...

@ jenn - thanks for you comment! We did get our home study back, it is in the final stage. We should be active on Sept. 28th! I will catch up on your blog as well.

@ Anon - you aren't being negative.. long story short, our clinic reduced our IVF cycle price to $4k when we were converted. We signed a contract, made a payment plan. Our insurance has paid them well over that, and now they want another $2600.00 from us because they submitted to insurance and upped the price. It just sux all the way around. The cycle was in March, so i'm so over the b.s...

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out for you. What a messy situation for an already difficult thing to go through.

I love the little positive thinking blurb - thanks for sharing! It's perfect. :)

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