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Oh for goodness sake. I can't believe what i found recently. It brought back so many memories. This books feels fairly vintage. I'm not entirely sure what makes something vintage, but to me, when it is 30 years old, it must be!

So i found this book at Pottery Barn Kids.

The moment i laid my eyes on it, i knew i just had to have it. Even thought we haven't even become active with our agency yet, so grade school is pretty far off, i didn't want to miss the opportunity to give my child something just like i did. And... to be able to share the same memories that i had. So i bought it and immediately called my mother to dig my book out. She brought it to me and check out how similar they are!

I snatched my book out of my mother's hands and started furiously digging through report cards, photos and awards. I loved reading each year and remembering who my friends and teachers were and what i "wanted to be when i grow up." In this particular grade (2nd) I was 7. This was 1981. I wanted to be a circus performer! I wonder where that came from? Perhaps my love of my gymnastics class? I loved tumbling. Who knows. The next year started my obsession with art. From there on out, i had always wanted to be an art teacher. While i am not an art teacher, i am an artist and doing what i love!

Here is a photo of the inside of my book:

And this is the inside of the new book:

I am just so giddy about this find. I am putting it away with the other goodies i have purchased! I can't wait to have our baby home.


Stephanie said...

Oh my word, I love it! I wish I had one of those from my school years. I'll be checking out my local PBK now. Thanks for the idea!

Rebecca said...

Isn't it the cutest? I would try and get it ASAP! Word had it they were flying off the shelves. You might even be able to get it at another store if you can't get it at your local.

Michelle said...

Omg, R I have one of those books from my school years and I remember HATING when my mom made me sit and fill it out every year.

Now it's one of my most treasured possessions- being the youngest of 6 I don't have much in the way of keepsakes. I think the folks were exhausted,lol.

HoityToityBaby said...

I love the book from pottery barn! Can you order it online? I don't have a PB Kids near me. And I had the same school years memory book! And until I saw it on your blog I had forgotten all about it! LOVE IT!

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