{ another bump in the road }


So we had our social worker's husband help with a letter to send to Albany IVF. That was 3 weeks ago. It was stating our side of the billing story, showing our contract and basically asking for our remaining balance to wipe out. We finally got some sort of response yesterday. Not to our phones, not to our attorney, to us... in an abrupt letter. All it did was restate what had been told to me over and over again. But, not addressing the issue at hand. I spoke with our attorney and he is calling the billing department himself. If need be, he is going to subpoena our RE to court. This is awful. Not what i had planned and it is going to hold things up for us. I can't even explain how this feels. I feel again, like this awful maze or roller coaster ride that isn't fun anymore. I really thought that becoming parents was supposed to be fun. I really thought that after all we had been through, that something might go smoothly. I think about the last 3 weeks waiting for an answer, have been a waste. We have started paperwork and are half-way complete, but it is so hard to get excited when we aren't sure when and how this ride will end.


Stephanie said...

I am so sorry you are dealing with this! As if NEEDING an RE isn't painful enough. I hate stories like this. Why can't their billing dept's just get it right?!? Prayers that everything works itself out soon and that you'll be moving forward to becoming parents in no time!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Stephanie. It does suck and i can't believe a stupid bill, a mistake on their part is holding things up. Crazy!

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