What a weekend! We worked our buttocks off, prepping our attic floor. See, what we have now is similar to a domino effect. Really, it is. Our nursery is right now a "catch all" room. Not too much "stuff", but "stuff" that can't stay there.

Problem 1: We have a very damp basement, so we can't store too much there unless we want to purposely ruin it or have a permanent mold smell.

Problem 2: We want to do this with our nursery closet, but can't until we can get the coats and "stuff" out of the closet. Which means we need new storage.

Problem 3: When we moved in, we were more than thrilled that we had a walk-up attic as opposed to a classic trap down that i grew up with and was afraid to climb. But.... there were literally just 2 random pieces of broken particle board and about 5 dozen pieces of insulation that were tossed around like an enormous salad.

Solution: We decided we were going to finish off the floor with plywood! We would have the wood cut, sort out and nicely lay down the insulation and wha-la! A new floor. We could then move everything to the attic that is not needed in the nursery, and nothing has to get wet in the basement.

This is what we started with:

and this...

New Problem: The previous owner hadn't built up the entire subfloor. So we had way more work cut out for ourselves then we thought. We had to finish building the floor before laying any floor. It was probably 100+ degrees up there on Saturday too. But, we had to get it done, or we can't get the nursery started.

This is during...

I really got into it. It was just so hot, itchy, and humid up there, but i had never done any sort of construction-like work, and i kind of enjoyed it! I won't lie.

So after working on it for 12 hours. We had to stop. We got about 3/4 done, but ran out of wood and we were just over it on Saturday. Our hope it to finish this week. So stay tuned....

I also scored some adorable nursery accessories yesterday, so i'll show them off too once i take a couple of photos!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Stephanie said...

This is the way of home improvements. You think you have one project to get done and about 20 little ones creep up along the way. We own a home built in 1947 so I live this domino effect!

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Talk about the domino effect! My aunts live in a home that is 125 years old! You can check it out over on www.SpitandGlue.Blogspot.com!

Doing your own home renovation can be daunting but rewarding experience! Keep up the good work! You'll feel extreamly accomplished in the end!

Tilda B. Hervé said...

dear rebecca, found your blog today, just great! we are working in the same part of our house at the moment, also with I think 100+ degrees... ;-) wish you a lot of motivation! greetings from switzerland, tilda
(same pictures... http://madameherve.typepad.com/madame_herv/2009/06/rebuilding-part-2-tildas-atelier.html)

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