New "do" day!!


woot, woot!
I love getting my hair done just as much as design! I would go every single day and have a new look. My stylist Kate is the bomb! She gets it right every. single. time! I love her. She has been cutting my hair for 15 years and is sassy herself, so you know she can pull of the most up to date do's, plus some.
Back in the day, every month when i went to see her (yes... every month) i would bring a photo of the latest 90210 or Melrose Place look. uh-huh, you heard me, don't judge. :-) She hasn't used any photos lately, doing a combo of her own thing, plus what i want. And... can we talk color? How fabulous my color is?
So i emailed her a ton of photos this week. I am hooked on going shorter, my husband loves short hair, so i figure why not? It's just hair, it grows back. So back and forth, Kate and i decided on this look:

I love being a blonde, so we will stick with a variation of that.
It is really interesting how when i have a major change in my life, or breakthrough, etc.. i feel that much more need to change my hair. Well.. we are on the fast road to adoption, so i am switching things up!


honeydew1894 said...

When can we see YOU with that adorable cut?

ladyred said...

M! - we'll have to get together so you can see. I love it, but it even as short as i had wanted. Next time!

MarcyIam said...

Can't wait to see it!

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