blogging withdrawel


Holy cow!
I haven't written all week long. It has been hectic! I have had so many projects to finalize and get in the mail. A really fabulous project for an big networking event in Puerto Rico at an exclusive resort. I will take some photos and post. The entire suite turned out beautifully!

Also this week, i was fighting the remnants of a cold (which i haven't had in like 2 years, so i almost forgot how to fight a cold). Today we are getting ready to start some small house projects. Ceiling fan in our bedroom. (seems odd to start there, but we are going to do a re-do of our room, and we saw this fan so we are building the room around it)! LOL
We are also adding pendant lights above the cool new serving station in the kitchen, and will start some landscaping too. We are going to be busy, busy peeps! I'll post photos once i have something to show.


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