One day to go!


So tomorrow is the big day. I laid in bed from about 4:30-5:30 tossing and turning, feeling almost sick. I feel like i can't believe i have made it this far, and could it really be? Then it really sunk in, that there is still the very real possibility that it is not. I have been so good about keeping my spirits up, that i really haven't been realistic about the whole thing. I don't know if that is good or bad, but i think today i need to look deep inside of me, and realize the potential that this very well could not have worked! I am starting to feel anxiety and stress this morning. i wish i could just sleep through the day today and wake up tomorrow at Albany IVF, just because i think the drive there will drive me nuts! Thank goodness Christopher is going with me.

We have some things planned for the day when we are done. My test is at 8am, but they will call in the afternoon with results. So we are going to do some yard work, and trim some branches off a tree to hopefully let more sunshine in the front yard. We also have some friends coming over to hang out before the Roller Derby, so hopefully that will be a nice distraction.

Here's to just about 24 hours till beta!


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