The beginning of the end? Answers?


well.. i got an order last week for a somewhat new blood test. The Anti Mullerian test. My RE has only been using it as an indicator for a few months, but they ordered it to give me either more hope, or to make a grim situation affirmative.

The definition:
Anti Mullerian: a new marker for ovarian function
Since a considerable proportion of subfertility is due to postponement of childbearing, measurement of ovarian reserve is of interest to women in general. AMH is becoming increasingly used in General, Oncology and Assisted Reproduction practice. Assessment of ovarian reserve may provide insight into the remaining number of fertile years a woman has or may predict ovarian reserve prior to IVF treatment.

Ovarian reserve, constituted by the size of the ovarian follicle pool and the quality of the oocytes therein, declines with increasing age, resulting in the decrease of a woman’s reproductive function. AMH is a hormone marker for quantitative prediction of ovarian reserve, ovarian aging, ovarian dysfunction and ovarian responsiveness.

So i am not sure how long it will take to get the test back, but it will also help us make some decisions moving forward on what to do with ourselves. We have sort of felt like we are in limbo and what is the next step(s)? So.. until we get this result, which will probably help with our decision, we shall see!


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