Surgery is done~


so i have a new and positive outlook on all this infertility stuff. Yesterday, surgery sucked. I cannot lie. I hated every drop of broth i had to drink - every Gas-X i had to take - every swig of Milk of Magnesia - the IV - being away from Christopher and the scariness of being under anesthesia. Yes... i admit it, i AM wimp! But... will all of that being said, surgery went well, and to our surprise, the endo was worse than he thought. it was actually at Stage III. (IV) being the most severe. So i feel better knowing this has been a huge factor is us not getting pregnant. So i have new hope, and it feels good. I was also reading my friend this morning, and came across some further information.There were some studies done with 75 women, who had either Stage III/IV endo, also had elevated or hight FSH on CD3. I guess hindsight is 20/20 because in looking back, i had a handful of endo symptoms without even knowing it! Over the past few months, i have had this persistent cyst, and my FSH has risen to 21.8! Our RE told Christopher all of this yesterday too. It is crazy to think that if i weren't going through infertility treatments, i wouldn't have thought twice about it. Both Christopher and i, along with our RE didn't believe in testing to just "rule things out". But... now i am a believer in it. Another thing i read, is that endo makes the uterine lining so thick, that the egg/sperm can't meet up, or stick - and if so, most women miscarry. This is some of the first information that i have read that has given me hope! Here's to a pregnant New Year!


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