Wow! A ray of sunshine on a chilly, gray day.


so today, i ran into Deacon Ed. He is my deacon. Adore this man. He married Christopher and i just over 2 years ago. Which in itself is so hard to believe. Time certainly does fly.
Just the other night, Christopher and i were talking how we feel that for some reason, god is putting us through this crazed phase of life. We wish we knew why. We wished we knew the outcome. We wonder why we were chosen. I guess we could say it is making us stronger, closer, better friends, better partners. On the flip side, it makes us more discouraged each day and month that passes and we aren't pregnant. It makes us more angry at the people who are pregnant and we aren't. It makes us angry to think we waited until we were truly ready to be parents, and now God isn't ready for us. One day we will know. One day it will all be figured out and we will look back and say..."ahhhh... that is the book of life God wrote."


Anonymous said...

I have tears rolling down my face... I love you so much and realize how much I miss being part of your daily life, however I think you know that you have always been a little sister to me and Oh God I am so mad that I can't do anything to fix what your going through, to make it better, to get you knocked up (I had to change the tone there) Rebecca and Chris please have faith that there is a bigger reason for all this, I have faith that your dream WILL become a reality!!! All my love, Nancy

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