the house is ours!


so after 3 l o n g, seemingless endless phonecalls of back and forth, we got the house! Not without feelings of nausea and hope that we were choosing the right home. But then, we realized how much we loved it and had the feeling that this is "the one"!

Points of the morning were tricky as i tried to wake Christopher. He had worked all night and it sure was a tricky feet to get him up to talk about probably the biggest purchase of our lives, and to make sure he REALLY knew what he was getting into! :-)

So, without further delay, here are the before photos of the house. (Before meaning we will be making some color changes to the walls as we love color).. otherwise, the house is 90 years old and was a total flip, so we have the luxury of moving right in and enjoying because everything is new! Click a photo to enlarge. These are images of the front, back, 2 car garage and some of the interior photos. Like the walk-in closet? I bet i can fill it pretty darn fast!


Darlene Ramm said...

This looks like a very pleasant place to live. Much happiness to you as you embark on your new home ownership! Remember, keep things simple and because "less is more".!
Love to you both,
Mom and Dad

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