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Technically, this is a few weeks old. From February 2 to be exact. The same day we entered our 17th month of waiting, we got an email from our agency that they needed more profile books. Talk about a knife into the heart.

When we originally signed on with our agency, we had to submit 40 books. Why 40? That was the number that in all their experience, they felt was a good number. Sometimes people need to submit more, sometimes they all aren't used. Well, you know, Rebecca only hears what she wants to at times. ;-P So clearly, i heard the 40, and done!

So, on this day, it hit kinda hard. I got the email about them needing more. So, on one side of head i'm thinking.."WTF? close to 40 profiles have gone out and we still aren't matched?" The other side of my head is thinking, "SOB, now i have to pay more money to have additional printed." I drank wine that night in my "woe is me" moment.

So i called the agency, because i knew i had about 10 extras still. I asked if that would be enough for now. (They were requesting 20 more). The hope is that we will be matched before i have to shell out another chunk of change for reprints. She did tell me that there were a lot of intake calls with lots of young moms, and that our profile had been out a ton. There were also 5 instance placements between Thanksgiving and Christmas! So 2011 was off to a great start for waiting families!

So, as we get ready to enter month 18, i have finally conceded that i just can't control the situation and i've taken a face dive into my business and work as a great distraction! It has helped me to be more relaxed and i know without a doubt that God will only give me what i can handle at the best time.

We haven't however, stopped getting prepped. That is something i most certainly can control!


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...


I can only imagine how disheartening it is to hear that...you are in my thoughts!! I hope that you receive the perfect match very, very soon!

Wendy said...

I'm sorry, too, that they are asking for more profiles.
I'm happy for you, though, that you are getting prepared -- I loved that part of the process :)

nikinikinine said...

I don't even really know what to say. I'm so sorry the process has been this long and drawn out, I can't imagine what that's been like for you guys. Huge hugs and lots of prayers that the end is near.

Anonymous said...

As you patiently wait I am reminded that "Good things come to those who wait." God knows which baby is yours and he is just waiting until the right time to send him/her your way. Once it happens, the waiting will have only been a small price to pay for the reward.


Rebecca said...

Thanks all! You are the best for your constant good thoughts and prayers.

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