[ my shameless plug of my work ]


It is that time of year again, when we all start prepping for the holidays. And... the time of year again when i get to add to my holiday collection and send files off to press to {eep!} see the designs printed in glorious letterpress!

So, yes, my shameless plug of my own work, and taking pre-orders for each design. I will have them in hand the first week in November and will ship to the US and Canada. {ahem... Sheba!} LOL

So, while the collection is small, i'll slowly be adding on year to year, but i hope there is enough variety!

[1] Holiday trees [2] Oh Chanuka [3] Holiday bells [4] Ellie the Christmas bird

You can pre-order by sending an email to designs@thepinkorange.com! They are going fast, and i'm so thankful and excited!!

Have a fabulous day!


bklyn76 said...

omg, you're back! and with such a perfect post! i love the trees, but i still have soft spot for ellie bird...hmmm, which ones will i choose this year???

Rebecca said...

Slowly but surely i'm making my way back! I know, i do love Ellie too. In fact, her sister Ava now wants an animal sketched for her too. She is requesting an orange cat. So, stay tuned!

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