[ my whereabouts ]


Good morning friends!

I feel so distant the past week or so, with good reason, i promise you! I want to thank my newest followers for hanging in there.

I will certainly give more details soon, but i'm knee deep in home study paperwork as we came into our 11th month of waiting and our paperwork expires in one month. (actually, less than that now, which is why i have been away). I was able to squeeze in my physical with my doctor and so now the rest of it remains, along with a meeting with our social worker!

I also have some super, duper exciting business news and will share over the next day or two! I just wanted you to know where i have been and to stay tuned.....

I hope you all had a marvelous unofficial end to your summer and are ready for all things fall!


Wendy said...

Can't wait to hear your news! Hope everything is going well with the home study paperwork. :)

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