[ 4 years of wedded bliss ]


We made it easy for Christopher to remember. 9/9 is our anniversary and 6/6 is my birthday! HA! Or, at least Facebook reminds you of these events. Kidding!

In all seriousness, i can't believe today is our 4th anniversary! It is so crazy that only 4 years have passed. I constantly wonder how did we fit everything we've done into 4 years? Did we sleep? Then i think to myself... well shit, if i can get through all of that with him, the good, bad and ugly - i can get through anything with my best friend!

It is a pretty yuck day today, so we are going to cook in, make a small fire and enjoy some bubbly! Tomorrow, Christopher to taking off work and we are headed to Jersey to IKEA to get a few things for my new office! {squeeee!} I think we'll go out and celebrate tomorrow or Saturday.

On another note, thank you SO much for all of your congrats and well wishes on my new studio! I'll keep you all posted for the local readers. I plan on having an open house when everything is set!

Have a terrific Thursday!


bklyn76 said...

happy anniversary! you guys are so cute!
and congrats on the brick&mortar! i couldn't leave a comment last night for some reason...

milk tea + polkadots said...

Ditto! Congrats on the anniversary & the new studio! My husband and I also celebrated our 4th this year. =)

Vicki O said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Renee@Modus Operandi Designs said...

love your numbers 6/6 9/9

my birthday is 6/7 our anniversary is 8/9
6789...if only he was born on the 11th...he'd be 10/11....what was his mother thinking??

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