Spring has come, well... not officially, but a week long stretch of nice weather has me thinking Mother Nature is on our side! I get so excited to welcome the nice weather in, evening glasses of wine outside by the fire and long walks through the old neighborhood. With it comes spring colors and spring clothes!

Add a burst of color to the simplest outfit with a flower. Or a flower in your hair. I am growing mine out and the thought of putting these beauties in my hair makes me want to run, not walk to get extensions just so i can wear them.

Enjoy and happy shopping!

| source: Heart of Flight |


Heather said...

Just stopped by tonight, saw these and had to say that I've been making these flowers all weekend! I have a deep purple one on a pin for work tomorrow and will be making the belt one you posted as well as the headband. I wasn't going to but seeing them now I need to!

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