[ another award ]


Awww.... i feel so squishy and mushy happy. One of my favorite blogs, sassy girls and mom to one of the most adorable babies gave me a fun award! If you haven't checked out Morgan's blog, The818, you must. It is so fun, you won't be sorry. (btw Morgan... i can't seem to leave comments anymore on your blog) ;-(

oh- and congrats on your trip! How exciting.


Nicole said...

I can't get onto the blog at all anymore (well from work anyway). I keep getting an error message that says "Operation Aborted" and when I x it out, the page goes to the standard "cannot open this page"

I use internet explorer at work, if that helps.

The818 said...

You guys can't get onto my blog?! AHHHHH! I have to fix this!

Anyway...R, you know I love this blog, I'm glad I could finally make an appropriate badge to show it. :)

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