[ a quick weekend project ]


I have decided to grow my hair out and it feels so good! My hair grows at a fairly quick pace, but you know... just not fast enough when you want it now. I think i'll be getting some extensions to hold me over, but i also got bangs cut recently. I really love them, except now that i'm back into my running and now officially addicted to spinning, i need something to hold my hair and bangs back. But - let me tell you, i seriously have the oddest shaped head ever. I can wear headbands, but anything that wraps all the way around my head slides back in a matter of minutes. I found this project on this blog and i think i'm going to try it out. I love that i can use my own fabrics and i love how shabby it looks. So we shall see.

How cute is it?

Here are the instructions.

| source: Heart of Light |

Have a great Monday!


Nicole said...

Ugh, I can relate! The headbands that wrap around my head shoot off like a slingshot! It's very annoying, but fairly comical. Let me know how this works out :)

Hoity Toity Baby said...

I just wish that I didn't look like a complete tool when I wear anything in my hair. I have recently decided that any and all accessorie (with the exception on earrings & a HUGE diamond ring)look REDICULOUS on me! *humphf* *pout*

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