[ a quick update ]


I had posted Friday that my Friday Finds post was late because of conversations with our attorney. I was totally relieved at the fact that everything with our RE clinic was over and we were just waiting on the paperwork.

Well....not so fast.

About 2 hours after i posted, i got a call from our attorney and he faxed me a letter that the attorney of our RE clinic had sent. Two days after the deadline to respond. Yes, they had 60, and we got a letter 2 days after. He is playing hardball and sent a letter full of lies. Now we are fuming. Now we are playing hardball back. I just can't get over how someone can feel good about something they are obviously doing wrong? I don't get it. As a business owner (albeit a small one), i always do right by my clients - so i can't wrap my head around how we are being taken advantage of right now.

Hopefully i'll hear this week about the next steps. I just am still shaking my head.


bklyn76 said...

how frustrating! sending you lots of hugs and strength as you go through this. don't you hate when ppl think they can bully you?

nikinikinine said...

rut roh. I'm sure you'll fill me in this week. It scares me to hear stuff like this especially because this next cycle will be part billed to insurance and part OOP :(

nikinikinine said...

FWIW, I wrote this comment yesterday before we talked but my computer is fighting your comment box LOL

Rebecca said...

Thanks girls, i appreciate it. It could go on for quite sometime, although i hope not.

Niki - i have had that problem commenting with blogger before, so annoying. But i'm glad i got to talk to you anyway.

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