[ office organization 2010 ]


I will admit, i stalked the UPS truck yesterday like a kid with a crush. I get really excited to reorganize, especially at the start of the new year. What was i so excited about? I'll tell you. I ordered a MomAgenda. However, since i'm not a mom (yet) i ordered her non-mom version, the MyAgenda. I met the owner at the National Stationery Show in NYC last May and now i'm so excited to own one. I got pink.

It has such a great feel and there are such goodies included such as vacation planning, fitness, nutrition, wish lists for clothes and more. Now i get to look forward to so much!

Also, since my business is growing at a nice pace, i have to reorganize (again) to make room for growth. I keep thinking i'm going to need a brick and mortar one day........

Here are some other office must haves:

| sources: [1] leather stash by Russel & Hazel [2] letter trays by See Jane Work [3] desk embosser by Wilshire Graphic Press
[4] colorful pens by LePen |

Enjoy your day!


nikinikinine said...

too funny I actually ordered a momagenda for the refrigerator last month from SeeJaneWork. I didn't realize there was a "non-mom" one. But I love it anyway!

Rebecca said...

That got great reviews too! They are all so cool. I really wanted the mini for my bag too, so i can easily carry along for appointments, etc. Funny, you would think that having in iPhone would do the trick, but too bad i'm a paper whore.

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