[ the Blind Side ]


If you haven't seen it. It is a must see!

I must say, i needed to watch this last night. After my meltdown last week and hanging with our nephew Charlie yesterday, it felt good last night. I'm sure i am starting my cycle soon, because 2.7 minutes into the movie and i was in tears already. I got up, got a big ol' bowl of ice-cream and a glass of wine and whatever tears the hormones didn't get out, the wine sure did!

This was such an emotional movie for us to see. It really put even more into perspective for me and Christopher. It made us realize that we are even that much more excited about a match and that we have the ability to give a baby a life that someone else can't. And i know... that it is so easy to say and so many people say it on a daily basis to those adopting. (and to us, like they are words that just "go with the territory"). However, unless you are emotionally attached to the situation, you can't even for one second imagine that feeling, that i can guarantee. But, i promise, watch this movie when you are involved for 2 hours and you might just get a piece of it. Truly amazing.


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