{ finallly! }


I am so excited to share my hard work and determination over the past few months. As my husband told me so nicely the other evening when we were fixing a piece of the website, "persistence is key". I think he was right.


I will still continue to update this blog as well - in fact, it is getting a makeover too! So be sure to check both blogs for updates!
(And don't forget to get your holiday cards)!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


NIKKISS08 said...

LOVE the new site! Congrats on launching it! I think a celebratory dinner is in order!

Rebecca said...

thanks and yes, a large cocktail is definitely in order!

hilarie said...

hey lady thank you for your help! okay, my site is momsforsanity blog, i don't know how to link us! god, i'm clueless.....

Sarah said...

Yay!!!! Congrats, Rebecca, this is huge! So proud of you. I'm running over now to check it out:)

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