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I often think of myself as a machine. I really do. I work about 60+ hours a week, run about 15 miles a week, and play a great wife if i do say so myself. I can still manage to keep up with the housework (although admittedly, Christopher does more than i do, he is pretty darn fabulous). I had dinner the other night with a great friend and we were talking about life and fun. She asked me how through all of this (and waiting for a match with our agency) i am still a happy, go-lucky person. It is easy i told her! I maintain balance! Christopher also said it best when he told his mom that we both focus, work hard and meet in the middle. I had never really thought about it, but it is exactly our lives. We have 110% respect for each other, our time apart and our time together.

So you are probably thinking how i do it all? Well planned work days, mornings and evenings. I have my "selfish" moments where i just won't give up my morning runs, my blog reading and posting and my guilty pleasure trashy TV.

I think we enjoy each other's company so much, we have made and have some fun, fun times to speak of. When i hang with hubby, it is all about us chilling out. We have had to cut back drastically on some of our favorite pastimes and spending frivolously, but it has made us even that much better at coming up with unique ideas and talking more too. I am one lucky lady. I think going through adoption has put aspects of our life into an whole new light and reset our priorities. (I feel like everyone should go through it, if not for anything but to learn something about themselves and each other).

We find new recipes to cook together and ends up as a huge mess, but it is so fun. Weekends aren't wine nights alone anymore, we have wine during the week and it feels fun to have date night on a Wednesday night. We have been researching lots of new areas around and take walks or hikes to learn about the areas and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold. Since we are saving so much moola, we have taken to eating in a yummy new recipe, but going out for dessert. This way, our hard work pays off, but we keep within our "adoption budget". My list could go on and on.

I have lots of blogging friends and a bunch of whom are business owners and workaholics, much like myself. I wonder for everyone though, how do you maintain stability? What do you do to keep things from becoming stagnant? I love to hear about other ideas

Hope your day was awesome!


Hoity Toity Baby said...

I'd love to get some tips from your readers as well! Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to the "lose yourself after having children syndrome" and I'm looking for a pick me up. So any tips would be great!

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