{ i found the one }


and by "the one" i mean the best mascara ever.

You see, i have been having a battle lately with makeup. I have zero time for it. Really, and it sucks. However, if i don't have my mascara and lipgloss on, i feel utterly naked. Well, the thing is, my mascara and i have not been getting along. I don't know what the deal is. If my skin is changing, the weather, hormones or whatever my normal $8.50 pharmacy mascara has done to me. I started to look like A) i had been out drinking all night, when indeed i was really up all night sketching, or B) I had been crying for hours and my mascara landed on my cheekbones. I seriously had tried everything from.... Wet-n-Wild (yes, you heard it) to Channel over the counter. So literally, everything from beer to champagne. Well, last week, i was over my frustration so i decided to stop in Sephora in between appointments. I begged for help from an innocent bystander and she was really good. We took my mascara off, and started from scratch. Well, let me tell you, i have found the dream mascara! It is called Fiberwig. Here it is!

It is utterly dreamy, goes on easy and.... stays on! All day long! So if you are having mascara woes like i was, run out to your nearest Sephora and grab yourself a tube. It isn't cheap, but i think i spent twice the amount trying to find something in the meantime that i thought would work.

Have a magnificent Monday!


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