{ prepping for winter }


Yes..i did say it. Don't judge. I hate winter. I hate frozen nostrils, i hate cold feet and hands and i hate ice, snow and cold cars! (yeah, so i should probably think about moving to warmth). On the flip side, i love our fireplace. I love the cozy feeling of sitting up close, i love s'mores in the winter and i love watching the cats curl up in a ball by it. Which means, we need to get our wood early. We got it really early this year. Figured we best get it soon before we get robbed on price and get it out of the way just incase we get a baby pretty quickly. We want to have as much done as possible!
I will admit it, i hate moving the wood, but it does feel good to have it done!

The pile of wood when it was dropped off.

Me, very proud of the work i was doing....
(and complaining the entire time)!

The finished stack, 2 cords worth.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


nikinikinine said...

i'm literally laughing out loud now after hearing the in person story of the wood. bwahahahaah

Rebecca said...


HoityToityBaby said...

I would kill to live where there are actual seasons! Living in South Florida we have hot and hotter! The grass is always greener! :)

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