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So ever have one of those days when you need an extra cup o' java? Or the day when you decide to dig a little deeper into your jewelry box for a fun accessory that you haven't worn in weeks? Sometimes, all you need to "defunk" is to stand tall in a funky pair of heels, or spritz a new perfume.

So..come on out and share how you "revive" yourself and "defunk"!


Stephanie said...

I like to take my dog for a long walk and then come home and read a good book in my hammock. Which usually turns into a hammock nap. :)

honeydew1894 said...

It usually involves spending money! :-) Or going to the beach.

Wendy said...

Hmm...maybe taking a vacation like I just did! :)

If that's not an option, yes, buying an accessory or getting my hair highlighted usually does the trick!

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