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I had signed up a few years ago for the Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine. If you don't get it, totally do it. It is free, and there are some great ideas. Some inexpensive, some not so much. It usually runs by the season and there are items for all parts of the home and the outdoors. More often than not, there are also a couple of coupons included too! =)
Well yesterday i received the new one. There were some of the coolest projects and i just had to share!
This was the cover:

We don't have a dog (right now anyway) however, i am quite sure Clemens would love to have one of those. I wonder if i could convince Christopher of a quick project? You can find instructions here.

Clemens also loves to get into windows. When i saw this, i thought how cool.

Not that i would put it in my living room, but my office where he is constantly trying to lounge while i am working, or a kitchen window where he can see most of the birds. I think he would be in utter heaven. You can find your instructions here.

Then.... i saw this!

I am starting to finally think about accessorizing our bedroom since we painted and purchased new furniture. I wanted something unique, but not just a shelf with frames. And besides, Christopher is all nervous about a shelf with chackies falling on him during the night. You can find instructions here.


Wendy said...

I don't have any pets, but I love the little bed! How cute!

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