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So we sent a letter to our RE clinic last week and we haven't heard anything. This was after our social worker's husband (an attorney) gave us permission to use his name and information on the letter and to contact him should he have any questions about our case. It is just frustrating. I just want to be done one way or the other. I am still getting small bills from October, January and March in mail. Bits and pieces of random stuff that wasn't covered. Thank goodness i haven't thrown anything out. I need proof that things have been paid for, that we had insurance at various times and that we are so over it all! Just say some prayers that one way or the other, this random (huge) bill vanishes!


Hoity Toity Baby said...

I just found your blog off of the Spearmint Baby page. I looked through your posts and gathered that you are going through the common world of fertility. My husband and I conceived via IUI in 2006. I know it's nothing like what you are experiencing but I want you to know that there are millions of us out there that can relate to some or all of your story/journey. Stay strong, POSITIVE, and hopeful. Don't let the negative aspect of the journey cloud your outlook!

On another note. You are beautifly talented! Your "Green is the new Black!" is fantastic! Do you sell them? I also love the design of your blog. Did you design it yourself? So many questions..... :) Nicole (HoityToityBaby.com)

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