Our weekend assignment was quick and easy this weekend. It was a very busy weekend with some friends visiting and Father's Day, so we didn't have much extra time.

We live in a pretty old house, so the basement is gross. Storage, that is about it. Well Clemens enjoys it a ton though, and now has figured out how to get in the small windows to watch the neighbor's cat and the birds. I had read some time ago, how jumping down from high places isn't good for cats. That it is bad for their legs and hips. I never knew this and my last cat couldn't jump anymore anyway, so we didn't worry. Well, when i saw Clemens jumping up and down from this spot, we decided to build him a small ramp. Well, he loves it! He is like a pirate! Just some scrap lumber from a discount lumber yard, a few screws and wha-la! We have a ramp.

Installing it was rather humorous. Clemens sat in his window and "helped" us out.


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