gaining 5 pounds in one week


isn't so hard when you pretty much indulge in anything put in front of you!
Seriously i just told myself when i stepped on the scale? YIKES!
Did i really eat that many Ferrero Rochers? Did i really drink that much wine? Did i really eat that many desserts? Oh boy.. here comes the real world again. (and healthy foods and portion sizes).  What on earth makes me think i can just eloquently shove anything i desire into my mouth, and not pay the consequences? I'm not sure, but holy heck, i had to unbutton my jeans today. Now... i will tell you, i do not weight myself normally. I use the "jean judge" as my diet guide. So when my current jeans get a tad tight, i THEN step on the scale and see what work needs to be done. I really don't obsess because i enjoy eating, but i went slightly.. OK.. totally overboard this holiday season.  So.. back to Sparkpeople, i joined a group which will be fun, and so dear jeans, you will button again shortly. I promise.


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