Christmas Cards... CHECK!


Yowzers! I never, ever finish cards this early. How absolutely fabulous is that? I promised myself to get everything done in such a manner that i could actually...well... enjoy the holidays this year instead of running around like a madwoman trying to finish up! What a great feeling. I have a handful of gift cards left to purchase and that is about it. A few left to wrap, and christmas prep is...well... a wrap!
I just have to buy for Christopher. He is tricky. We tried to set a budget this year because of all the infertility bullshit and the $ that is costing us. But.. i can't help myself when it comes to shopping for him. I love to buy him things. And the way i look at it, heck... we could be going through all the doctor crap for a looooong time, so enjoy life now! (well, that is how i try and justify it at least :-)) So.... off to internet browse for my lova!


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