never give up


So a fellow nestie posted this on the Trouble Trying to Conceive Board and i wanted to save it and refer back to it when i am feeling down.. here goes:

PLEASE don't give up. I know the road is soooo freaking long. I know the tears you shed. I know the pain of yet another white stick or even worse - the pain of yet another loss. I know the ache in your heart that hurts so bad sometimes that you wonder if you have the strength to go on.

YOU DO. You are strong women. This journey will change you forever but not in the ways you probably think it will right now as you're deep in the fight. On the "other side" of infertility lies a different "you". She is strong. She is more compassionate than before. She is more resourceful than before. Best of all she is humbled at the miracle of life and grateful for her family in a way that few others understand.

You will become mothers. Some in different ways than others but the chances are that the vast majority of you will some day hold your child in your arms. I wish I had a magic ball that would let me tell each of you just when it will happen. I know I lamented many a time to my DH that I would be fine waiting if I just "knew" it would happen eventually. Please hold tight to the fact that it will. Statistically WILL.

When you do finally see that BFP you will realize the magnatude of that gift in a way that so many others never do.

I pray for each and every one of you every single day.


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